3 Effective Ways You Can Change Your Life In 2019


Improving your life means a lot of things. It means that you should not only developmentally but also become healthier and financially progressive.1. Read books

Readers are leaders. It is generally said that the easiest way to conceal anything from a black man is by writing it down in a book.
Unfortunately, in this part of the world, we want to learn a lot but we don’t want to set out time to study it. We do not have time to read and get the desired and useful information.

When I started reading, I told myself that I want to be reading one book every month and by the time I got to the fourth month, I realized that I have read 7 books, that is 3 books extra.

Reading has a way of sharpening your inner mind and restructuring your mentality, especially when you are reading motivational books or personal experience of successful people.

In case you are confused about the kind of book to start with then I would advise that you start with motivational and inspirational books and later you can read other kinds like career books or even business related books.

Start today and I guarantee you that you will be happy with the changes you will see within yourself in few months to come.

#2. Learn a skill

When we talk about learning a skill what comes to mind is the cost associated with learning such skills.
Sometimes we are so concerned about the cost of learning a new skill that we forget that there are lots of benefits and ways to learn such a skill at no cost on platforms like on the internet.

For starters, I recommend that you teach yourself by going online to get resources that are related to your field of interest.
I have noticed that anything you teach yourself stays in you forever.

There are several skills you can easily acquire and use it to better your life when you have reached an appreciable level on that skill.

#3. Stop doing free jobs

You need to know that nothing is free even in Freetown.

After you must have developed a skill which might have cost you some token, never underestimate the knowledge you have or the amount you spent trying to acquire that knowledge no matter how little you spent.

Politely ask for a payment when you are approached to use that skill to solve a problem.

My life change in 2018 the moment I decided to stop using my tech skills for free.
Let me tell you the story about the incident that influenced my decision.

One of my bosses travelled to America for a course and bought a Samsung phone worth over 230,000 during his stay there.

When he requested for the phone to be configured and his contacts transferred from his old blackberry by a technician over there in the UK he was asked to pay about $100.

Guess what? He refused and waited till he returned to Nigeria and narrated his experience to me. He now asked me to do the same job for him.

I took the pains and even used my mobile internet data to be able to achieve the desired result. After doing all that he just said thank you when I handed him the phone.

I was unhappy because I know he understands the importance of the job I did for him and that he wouldn’t get that done with less than 5,000 Naira at computer village in Lagos here.

So after that experience, I will simply tell you what it will cost you the moment you request for my services outside my stipulated job functions in my office.

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