Bride in tears after finding out her wedding cake is made of foam


A caterer was arrested after supplying a bride and groom with a wedding cake made from polystyrene foam. Shine Tamayo, 26, and her partner Jhon (Corr) Chen, 40, had paid their wedding planner 140,000 pesos (£2,100) to supply all the food and decorations for their ceremony in Pasig City, the Philippines.

But as the couple cut into their two-tier wedding cake at the wedding reception, they were horrified to find it stuffed with polystyrene.

The company had also failed to supply food for their guests, instead forcing the newly weds to carry trays full of noodles and street food from a restaurant across the road and dish out blackcurrant squash to guests in cups.

After breaking down in tears over the cake, the bride decided to go to the police station right there and then, with Krissa Cananea, who organised the catering, in tow. There, officers confirmed that the base had been made entirely from foam wrapped in red icing. Heartbroken Shine said: ‘The woman we paid to do the food has ruined my wedding. She’s a liar.

‘She always asked me for money and I always gave her what she needs because I wanted my wedding to be perfect.

‘I will not accept sorry from her, an apology is not good enough, she needs to go to jail because she ruined my wedding. ‘I have never been so humiliated in all my life. This was supposed to be one of my most treasured memories for my entire life. Instead it is the worst.’ Police examined the wedding cake, pictures of the food, as well as the payments that Shine and her husband Jhon had made ahead of their wedding on December 3.

Officers from the Pasig City Police Station confirmed that Krissa was arrested on suspicion of Estafa, a form of fraud, and later released.



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