Check Out These Realistic New Year’s Resolutions For Moms

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’m as guilty as the next mom of been a bit too overambitious. Rather than setting myself up to fail by January 3, this year I’m going to beat the system by striving for goals that are actually doable.

Will you join me?

I will stop making impossible New Year’s resolutions.
I will save money.
Not buying that new car I want will save us 50 grand! You’re welcome, dear.
I will go to bed earlier.
Call your parents.
If you’re blessed enough to still have living parents, for the love of God, call them more than once a month.I can promise you when they’re gone, your heart will be longing to make that call and hear their voice just one more time. They raised you to be awesome, aren’t they worth it?
Be quiet more, respond less.
You’ve heard it before, be slow to anger. You also need to be slow to give advice when you should only be listening, and you need to stop instantly reacting with annoyance to things that truly are “the small stuff.” You need to wait an hour or two before you shoot off a rude knee-jerk reaction email reply to someone who doesn’t really deserve it, and you need to stop neglecting to fully digest a tense situation before you go off the deep end and regret the words you spew out. Inhale, exhale, pause, then speak.
Exercise. Not just your body, but your mind.
If you can’t remember the last great book you’ve read, get your ass to a library. If you have time to scroll through four different social media channels everyday, you have time to digest a few novels this year. Your brain synapses will thank you.
Put the damn phone down.
I’m as guilty of this as I have ever been, but I vow to make 2019 my year of hands-free living. My spouse and I are both tired of being slaves to the life coming at us from a tiny screen in our hands. Enough is enough is enough! Wi-Fi, take a hike.
I ask again, Will you join me?

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