Children beg to “call mummy in heaven” after she died mysteriously on New Year day


A mum-of-two died mysteriously at home after skipping New Year celebrations because she was ‘not feeling well’.28-year-old Ashley Grundy’s mysterious death came as a shock because she was healthy before the new year complaint.Her parents Ash Selector, 54, and Sarah Grundy, 51, found her body upstairs at her home in Harrow, north London, while dropping her daughter Lailani, six, and son Maverick, three, home.

Now, Ashley’s children keep asking their grandparents if they can call their mum in heaven.  But the grandparents say they have no answers to give her young children about their mother’s death.

Sarah told The Sun:

We just told Lailani that mummy died and went to heaven. She said “can I phone her?”

I had to say “no they don’t have phones up in heaven”. She doesn’t comprehend it.


Police are not treating Ashley’s death as suspicious but an initial post-mortem examination failed to find the cause of death. Further tests could take up to 10 weeks to reveal what may have happened. Ashley’s parents have set-up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money for the children’s futures.

Sarah, who lives in Stanmore with husband Ash, said they last heard from Ashley on the evening of December 31 when they asked her to join them in celebrating the New Year. Ashley declined and said she was feeling under the weather so just wanted a quiet night in. Her children were being looked after by her former partner at the time.

When Ash and Sarah tried to contact their daughter to wish her a happy new year they couldn’t get through, leading them to assume she had gone out or the lines were busy. They found her while dropping the children off at Ashley’s house at around 7pm the next day and were forced to drag the children away as they called police.

The children are now being cared for by their father Charlie, the parents said.After her death, Ashley’s ex-boyfriend described her on Facebook as his best friend.

Mike Antoniou wrote:

The world has lost an incredible woman. For those of you who knew me and Ashley, we weren’t the best relationship, we loved to cause a scene. Sadly as a couple we just weren’t right for each other, but for over a year you were my best friend. Spending 2018 with you and your two beautiful children is something that I will never ever forget. I could honestly go on for days about how incredible you were.

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