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Eye-Catching Jewellery

Some women are suckers for jewellery while some aren’t in the least crazy about them. Wherever you stand, we are showing you proof that sometimes, all you need is a piece of eye-catching jewellery to spruce up your outfit!

We are human so it is very possible that sometimes our outfits don’t turn out as we planned them in our heads. This is when we feel the need to take out a part of our outfit or add something to achieve a balanced look. For the most part, this trick works but other times it just leads to changing the entire outfit. Well, we are here to let you know that you don’t have to write off your outfit at least not until you’ve tried these tips!

Eye-Catching Jewellery

(Photo: Instagram / Serrabellum)

What if we told you that just adding a single piece of eye-catching jewellery will do the trick? You are about to find out how! When we say eye-catching jewellery, we mean it literally! They include bold and ‘extra’ pieces and not the regular chains and bracelets we use every day They are more like investment pieces that come out once in a blue moon and they make all the difference when they do. Snagging a few pieces won’t be a bad idea!

Eye-Catching Jewellery

(Photo: Instagram / Ekiogunbor)

Eye-Catching Jewellery

(Photo: Instagram / Maripvzz)

It might seem like irony but the ‘less is more’ ‘talk’ also applies in this context. Infuse bold earrings, detailed necklaces or chunky bracelets separately with your outfits and you’ll see the instant switch-up. Also, these bold pieces work best with plains so try to stick with them – remember that balance is key, always!

Eye-Catching Jewellery

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)

Eye-Catching Jewellery

(Photo: Instagram / Serrabellum)

We hope we have convinced to you snag one or two pieces and style them accordingly. If so, you are welcome! You can also find out how bracelets can fire up your outfit here!

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