Family make desperate plea for surgery to help rebuild toddler’s face


The family of an inspirational toddler described as looking like a ‘supernatural queen’ have made a desperate plea for surgery to rebuild her face. Helianny Lugo, from San Cristobal, Venezuela, was born with a range of problems including her brain, eyes and nose not forming properly in the womb. Her parents Soleannys and Henry, 36 and 34, were advised to terminate her four months into the pregnancy as doctors believef her difficulties were ‘incompatible with life’.

They thought she would die shortly after birth but now three years old, Helianny still battles on with the support of her loving family. She was described as looking like a ‘supernatural queen’ due to the ’embedded crown’ in her head. She has hydrocephaly, which caused her skull to swell out of proportion due to fluid filling in the cavities and leaving her with brain damage. Due to this, the little girl has had some horrible comments, which range from being called ‘ugly’ to being told she should have been aborted.

Her parents are now fundraising for operations to allow her to live a more normal life, including craniofacial surgery to rebuild her face – which they say is their only Christmas wish.

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