Groomsman caught checking out best friend’s bride in wedding photo


A groomsman was caught checking out his best friend’s bride during their wedding photoshoot only to be called out by her husband later that night. 25-year-old Andy Wills had been celebrating his friend Rhys Couldrey’s wedding when he decided to pull a prank on his new wife Natalie. Sneakily ogling her from behind as she smiled at the camera, Andy lived up to his reputation as a prankster by winding up Rhys, 27, even on the most important day of his life. Luckily, the bride and groom saw the funny side and the photo is going to feature in the wedding album.

Andy, from Farnborough, Hampshire, said: ‘At that point they had no idea what I was doing until they saw the picture later that night. ‘Rhys called me an a***hole to be honest. I thought it’d be quite funny. ‘Me and Natalie get on really well so she knows what I’m like – it was a bit of a joke. ‘Natalie saw the funny side of it. They know what I’m like – I like to take the p*ss.’ Andy admits he’d ‘had a few beers’ and decided he would make the photographer laugh, if not the newly-weds.

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