How To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter: Using Your Makeup

Do you have yellow, discoloured teeth that have got you losing confidence in your smile? Teeth whitening procedures are popular but you might not quite be ready for that. So then what do you do?

Enter makeup, a girl’s best friend. We all know that makeup makes everything looks better. So let’s show you easy ways to make your teeth instantly look whiter using your make-up.

Conceal blemishes around your mouth

If there are blemishes around your lips, it can emphasize the yellow colour of your teeth. So cover up blemishes completely with concealer when doing your make-up. The L.A Girl Pro Conceal Orange corrector is perfect for this

how to make your teeth look whiter


Draw attention to your eyes

You can make your teeth look whiter by drawing attention away from your lips and to your eyes. Using eyeshadow colours like green, blue and purple will create an optical illusion on the eyes that detracts from the yellowness of your teeth.

How to make your teeth look whiter

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Use lipsticks with blue undertones

Lipsticks are actually the easiest way to make your teeth look whiter but you have to use the right ones. Lipsticks with blue undertones can make your teeth look whiter and we’ll explain the science behind it. Remember the colour wheel thingy from primary school? Basically, blue sits opposite to yellow and orange on the colour wheel so these colours cancel each other out when you pair them.

When you wear lipstick with blue undertones, the yellow stains on your teeth won’t be as noticeable. This is because the bluish tint of the lipstick cancels out the yellow of your teeth. Get it? Likewise, if you wear orangey lipsticks or yellow toned lipsticks, they’ll make your teeth appear more yellow.

When we say blue though, we don’t mean that the lipstick is actually blue, before you go walking around looking like a vampire. It means that the undertones of the lipstick are bluish. So go for colours like fuchsias, purple shades, dark cherry and darker, rich shades of red to make your teeth look whiter.

Also, beige toned, lipsticks and glosses will emphasize discolourations in your teeth. So always opt for darker colours.

A good example of a lipstick with blue undertones is MAC Ruby Woo.

how to make your teeth look whiter


How to tell if a lipstick has blue undertones

Just swatch it on the back of your hand and rub it in till it blends, you should be able to see the bluish pigment under it. If it looks even remotely yellow, drop it like a bad boyfriend! 

While these make-up hacks will help to make your teeth look whiter, here are more permanent ways to deal with the issue.

(Featured image: Photo: YouTube via Porcelain)

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