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stop your eyeliner from smudging

Few things in life are as annoying as having your eyeliner walk out on you midday. Like one minute, your winged eyeliner is perfectly laid. The next minute it has flown away or shifted positions on your eyes (pun intended). Where do these make-up items find the nerve!

Not to worry sis, your racoon eye days are about to be over. Here are some things you can do to stop your eyeliner from smudging.

Use a good eyeliner formula

This is the first step. You want to make sure that your eyeliner is waterproof. Also, gel liners tend to last longer than pencils or even liquid eyeliners so they are the best option.

stop your eyeliner from smudging


Try Layering

This is a trick that really works to keep your eyeliner from smudging. If you usually line your eyes with a pencil or gel liner, you can finish off with a coat of liquid liner. This would seal your eyeliner in place perfectly. We dare it to smudge after this.

Start with a primed base

The most important step in any make-up application is the base. And just as a face primer helps your foundation and powder stay on longer, an eyeshadow primer will improve the wearability of your eyeliner. We know that eyeshadow primers were designed for eyeshadows but they actually also help to stop your eyeliner from smudging.

stop your eyeliner from smudging

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Apply an under-eye concealer

If you’re lining your under eye area. Applying some concealer first will help keep it smudge proof. This is because the concealer acts as a barrier between your skin and the concealer which keeps the eyeliner fresh.

If you don’t intend to wear eyeshadow, then it might be tricky to use an eyeshadow primer. What you can do is prime your eyelids with foundation and then powder. This will help to reduce oiliness on your eyelids that can cause your eyeliner to smudge.

stop your eyeliner from smudging


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