Man allegedly steals nurse’s phone after free BP test


A medical doctor, on Wednesday, revealed how a patient allegedly stole the phone of a nurse, who attended to him, when he came to have a free blood pressure check done.

The doctor, Dr Strange shared CCTV footage of the theft on his Twitter handle, @chidingg and explained the scenario.

He tweeted, “So some patient presented at the clinic yesterday for a BP check which by the way is free. (He) decided to compensate my nurse that took his vitals by stealing her phone. What’s wrong with humans actually???

“He asked to be given an A4 paper so he could draft a letter. He then folded to make it opaque and got up. He distracted my nurse by asking for a pen.  As she was busy looking for a pen for him, he placed the paper on top of the nurse’s phone and collected the phone.”

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