Mariah Carey’s former assistant sues singer amid claims star’s manager ‘urinated on her’


Mariah Carey has become embroiled in a back and forth of legal woes after her former assistant filed a case against her ex-employer and her manager this week for ‘workplace harassment, wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation’. Which came just hours after the superstar filed her own case, alleging Lianna Azarian, also known as Lianna Shakhnazaryan, was ‘blackmailing’ her, after allegedly obtaining ‘embarrassing and intimate’ footage of the star and asking for $8 million to ensure it isn’t released.

Yesterday, however, Azarian claimed she was the victim of abuse at the hands of Carey’s former manager (who had also sued Carey, the two women settling their case earlier this year). This is a tangled web to unravel. According to court documents obtained by, Azarian alleges Stella Bulochnikov ‘slapped her butt and breasts, urinated on her, tackled her to the ground and sat on her.’

She also alleged Carey’s former manager ‘ridiculed her breasts’ by placing objects, such as television remotes and iPhones under them and ‘called her the n-word and a f**king Armenian whore’. Carey is seemingly implicated in this, as Azarian alleges the singer was in the vicinity of the alleged abuse and ‘did nothing’.

She also accused the Hero singer of ‘physical, emotional and psychological abuse’. Azarian’s lawyer Mark Quigley said in a statement:

‘These baseless allegations are an attempt to attack my client’s character and deflect attention away from a workplace harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit she filed today against her former employer, Mariah Carey. ‘My client never did anything she wasn’t specifically asked to do while working in the course and scope of her job as a personal assistant. Her lawsuit is about holding her employer accountable for severely inappropriate behavior that caused tremendous stress and emotional turmoil.’

It’s been reported by TMZ the singer is seeking $3million in damages from her former assistant, whom she employed from 2015-17 for a reported $327k a year.


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