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nail polish colours

With 2019 approaching you might be looking for ways to add colour to your life. Well here’s one, your nails! Why not spice up your 2019 with these nail polish colours.
nail polish colours


Red nail polish is the standard for classy and chic. Dusky skin tones look good with darker shades of red. What makes it even more interesting it that red nail polish goes with just about any outfit so you don’t have to bother about looking out of place. Speaking of red nail polish, we love the Jordana hot red. Try it out.

nail polish colours


There is something so regal and mysterious about purple nail polish. Why not bring out the royalty in you by trying any shade of purple nail polish.

nail polish colours


If you are still not sure what nail polish colours to try this 2019, how about something to match that pink lipstick? Sometimes we just want a soft, pale pink manicure that’s neat and timeless because it always looks good. So, bring out the little girl in you and go for it!

nail polish colours

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Doesn’t blue just scream cool? There are many reasons why blue is one of our favourite nail polish colours. One of them is that our body reacts to blue tones by producing chemicals to set the zen mood. Blue just reminds us of water and clear blue skies…everything on the beach. Put on a shade of blue and visit the beach this new year. Yes, look cool while having fun.

nail polish colours

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There are a few trends that could go out of style. Nude nail polish is not one of them. It is here to stay. Nude nail polish colours come in a variety of textures, hues and finishes. Nude manicure makes the hands look lengthened, feminine, and clean. You might want to skip the hugs and shake some more hands.

nail polish colours

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Ah! Yes, it feels right to save the best for last. From preppy to hipster, gothic, or pristine you can never go wrong with black nail polish. Black nail polish is so controversial, loved and culturally multifaceted. It’s no longer a mere fashion trend. Black nail polish is a must. Opt for a matte nail polish for that chilled finish!

If you love short nails, check out these short nail polish design inspirations.

Have a colour filled year.

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