Nurse who ‘got woman in vegetative state pregnant’ used to be gospel rapper


A registered nurse who allegedly raped and impregnated a health care patient in a vegetative state was a local gospel rapper. Nathan Sutherland, 36, was arrested on Wednesday for raping the unnamed 29 year-old at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix, Arizona – more than a decade after he released Christian rap album in 2008. ‘We believe we are unique soldiers for Christ. We understand we live in a dark perverted world, but we can be a powerful light to bring hope to a lost and dying world,’ the rap group wrote on their CD Baby page.

Sutherland, who apparently went by the stage name ‘Nate’ in the two-person rap group ‘SLEEPLESSLOULJAZ,’ released the album, titled ‘Certified Fake Face,’ which was promoted by the Faith Center West Family Church in Mesa, Arizona. According to public records, Sutherland is a manager of SLS SLEEFPLESSOULJAZ LLC, which is the company that produced the album. The biography for the musical group says Sutherland and his musical partner ‘T’ were ‘adopted by 2 US citizens from a Haitian Orphanage in 1989 at the ages of 7(Nate) and 4(T). They had to learn the English language with in 3 months so that they would not be too far behind others their own ages in school.’

They have performed the Faith Center West Family Church and at small concert venues – and once performed at a father’s day luncheon at a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010. Attempts to reach out to the Faith Center West Family Church were unsuccessful.

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