R Kelly interviewed by police over allegations of ‘keeping two women hostage’


R Kelly was questioned by police after they received a tip that two women were allegedly being held hostage by the singer.

However, no evidence was found to support this allegation. Following the airing of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R Kelly, which details the allegations of abuse and statutory rape against Kelly, Chicago police have confirmed they spoke to the Ignition singer after the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office received a tip that two women were being held against their will at the star’s residence in Trump Tower. Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi told USA Today that Kelly and the two women were interviewed independently.

Guglielmi said: ‘The women stated that they were not being held against their will and they were in good health and spirits. ‘Nothing looked out of place in the apartment and the call was closed as unfounded.’ According to TMZ, the two women were Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, who have denied being held against their will despite their families alleging they were brainwashed. Earlier in the week, Cook County State’s Attorny Kim Foxx called on anyone with information about the alleged abuse by Kelly to come forward.

Prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia are also investigating allegations made in Surviving R Kelly. This comes as R Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg denied any allegations of wrongdoing by his client.

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