Scanty Bangs Are Trendy Again And We Are In LoveZUMI

Scanty Bangs

New hairstyle alert! Scanty bangs are about to be all the rave and you should totally be among the first to try them out. Start the year fab by setting the pace for your friends!

From the minute one hairstyle comes on, the quest for another follow-up hairstyle begins (the absolute struggle!) so we took it upon ourselves to get your hair ready to start off the year in style, taking a break from the Ghana weaving goodness we have been serving you in the past few weeks. So scanty bangs are the ish right and they look totally cute!

Scanty Bangs

(Photo: Instagram / Sephorak)

Scanty bangs are a vibe for a couple of reasons. First, they can totally give you an effortless fresh look. Secondly, they are quite flexible and easy to rock, unlike conventional bangs. Also since they are not exactly structured, they tend to suit different face shapes.

Scanty Bangs

(Photo: Instagram / Jemimaosunde)

Depending on what you like; you could rock the scanty bangs with a top bun or you could just let the back fall effortlessly over your shoulders. Make sure to keep your straightener handy so the styling is never off – very necessary!

Scanty Bangs

(Photo: Instagram / Shantelekwensi)

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Featured image via Shantelekwensi



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