See the new bum pillow for those who like sleeping on bums (Photos)


If you’re someone who enjoys resting your head on your partner’s bum then you might want to invest in a pillow that’s shaped like an arse. That’s right, one company is selling what they’re calling the Buttress Pillow so you can simulate the experience of getting comfortable on someone’s booty. The U.S start-up began a Kickstarter campaign to build the cushion last year and is now selling it online for those who would rather be sleeping on a butt.

‘Since the beginning of time man has desired the butt. So round, so soft, so bootylicious,’ it says on the website.

‘The ancient human mission has always been to claim that booty. However, this mission takes time, well-tailoured texts, and Netflix, and so the eternal struggle goes on…until today. ‘Introducing the Buttress Pillow. Scientists have created a butt without the extra expensive maintenance, the incomprehensible mood changes, or the gas.

And you can claim that booty for a hefty sum of $69.00 (£54) (down from $89)


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