Sleeping Woman Raped After Mistaking Her Attacker Who Climbed Into Bed For Sex.


A sleeping woman was allegedly raped after mistaking a sex attacker for her boyfriend climbing into bed for sex. She was sleeping on her stomach on January 12 when Zachary Weyrick, 31, her boyfriend’s mate, went into her bedroom after he’d been out drinking with her partner.

Zachary Weyrick

The Hawk Eye reports that a criminal complaint lodged by the woman alleges: “The victim stated that she assumed it was her boyfriend climbing back into bed, because he had been laying with his daughter until she fell asleep.

“The victim stated that something just didn’t feel right, at which time she opened her eyes and realised that it wasn’t her boyfriend she was having sex with, but it was the defendant, Zachary Weyrick.”

Once the woman realised what was occurring, she stopped Weyrick from fondling her, and fled the room.

Metro reports that cops were told the woman then ordered him to leave her alone, after he tried to reason with her.

Weyrick, of Warsaw, Illinois, has been accused of climbing on top of the woman, and having full sex with her.

He later phoned Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office, and allegedly told officers he wanted to turn himself in for having sex with his friend’s partner, without her consent.

Although he agreed to attend the office the next day, Weyrick never showed up.

A judge issued a warrant for his arrest on January 16.

Upon his capture on Sunday, Weyrick was charged with third-degree sexual abuse.

He’s due to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on February 5, and has been given $10,000 bail.

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