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blouse styles

Sometimes you get tired of wearing dresses to work, so you opt for a blouse paired with a skirt or pants.

There are lots of blouse styles that will make you go from Mary Amaka to Being Mary Jane’s Gabrielle Union in a split second. Good thing you’re here already and we’ve got you covered. So sit back, drool –by all means– and get inspired by these fabulous blouse styles.

The Classic Peplum Blouse
blouse styles

(Photo: Style Pantry)

The peplum blouse is a timeless, classy style that has refused to go out of fashion. This style is super stress-free and requires little or no accessories. As simple as the peplum blouse might seem, it is one of our favourites because it automatically enhances your figure. Whether you are slender or curvy, the peplum blouse will always find ways to accentuate your figure. The band always gives curvier ladies the illusion of a slimmer waist while the flare of the peplum gives slender ladies the illusion of wider, curvier hips.

Bulb Sleeve Blouse
blouse styles

(Photo: Instagram / Ekiogunbor)

This year, we are all about unconventional fashion. The bulb sleeve blouse is one way to go unconventional. It features wide sleeves drawn together at the tip with an elastic band to create an onion bulb shape. This style is perfect for the weather as it keeps your skin protected from the sun while looking glam. It is also a great way to hide those extra holiday weight that’s leeched onto your arms.

The Deconstructed Shirt
blouse styles

(Photo: Style Pantry)

There is a sort of elegance that comes with styling deconstructed shirts for work. When properly done, it gives you a ‘not-in-the-least-regular‘ vibe. Remember we said we are all about unconventional styles this year? Pair your deconstructed shirt with the right bottoms and killer shoes and you will be good to strut into any boardroom and kill it!

Turtle Neck Blouse
blouse styles

(Photo: Style Pantry)

A turtleneck blouse is perfect when matched with nude pumps. We mean it, pick any turtleneck blouse and see if it will not pair perfectly with nude pumps. The turtleneck top is also one style that has never gone out of fashion. It’s always flattering. The turtleneck blouse is especially awesome in the cold, harmattan season.

The Faux Wrap Blouse
blouse styles

(Photo: Style Pantry)

This is another of the numerous blouse styles that everyone loves. Apart from the soft and silky fabric, wrap blouses come in diverse styles and models. Plain or patterned, they always look fabulous and we’re loving them all the time.

These blouse styles can be matched with pants or skirts with any choice of footwear.

Featured Image via Style Pantry



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