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mascara hacks

Want long and full lashes? We do too! And we know exactly how to get them.

Also, we’ve put together some tested and trusted mascara hacks you can try that will make your eye lashes appear longer in seconds.

Dual Shade Coating
mascara hacks

(Photo: Youtube via Jackie Aina)

For this trick, first, apply black mascara all over your lashes. Next, coat the tips with dark brown mascara and then add another coat of black mascara all over again. This trick gives each strand a multidimensional effect and makes your lashes look fuller and longer.

Angle Of Application

For this trick, wipe off excess product from the brush on the side of the tube, holding the brush horizontally and wiggling it back and forth. This will produce voluminous lashes while holding it vertically and running the tip of the brush along the length of your lashes will make them appear longer.

mascara hacks

(Photo; Ronke Raji)

The Concealer Trick

Coat your lashes with liquid concealer before applying the mascara. When you apply liquid concealer first, it thickens your lashes then you can apply your mascara. This is one of the many mascara hacks that will give you fuller and longer lashes.

The Waterline Trick
mascara hacks

(Photo: Youtube via Jackie Aina)

Using a gel pencil or a gel eyeliner and a fine, flat brush, apply black liner to the waterline at the base of your top lashes. Do this while staring upwards so you can get the eyeliner in perfectly. It gives the illusion of darker and longer lashes.

The Wing Trick
mascara hacks

(Photo: Ronke Raji)

Using a liner pen with a fine nib, add a flick to the outer corner of each eye. From far away, this will give an illusion of wider and thicker lashes as well as wider eyes.

Featured Image via Youtube/Jackie Aina



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