These Wig Styles Will Give Your Edges A Rest While Looking Fabulous

Tired of weaving and braiding your hair? Are your roots and edges aching from tight plaits? It’s time for a break, especially after the fab hairstyles you did during the holidays.

Braids and hair extensions are great protective styles but over time they can put a lot of strain on your edges. So it’s a good idea to sometimes give your edges a break from all that tugging. But giving your edges a rest doesn’t mean that your hair has to look untidy. You can look just as fabulous wearing wigs and we’ve picked out the coolest wig styles you would love.

Blonde Centre Part Bob Wig

This is a great choice because blonde hair has a way of making your skin tone pop. The best part is it comes in various shades. So pick the shade that suits your skin tone best. This is also a great choice as the centre part makes your face appear slender. See your favourite celebrities rocking bold coloured wigs.

wig styles

(Photo: Instagram/@tokemakinwa)

Blunt Cut Bob Wig

Bob wigs with a blunt cut are sexy, edgy and totally in season right now. It screams attitude and makes you look glamorous. They come in different lengths so whether you want it stopping at your chin or just brushing your shoulders, you would slay either way.

wig styles

(Photo: Instagram/@lilianesoro)

wig styles

(Photo: Instagram/@tokemakinwa)

Pixie Cut Wig

With this wig, the hair is cropped in layers to create a slightly tousled effect. Pixie cuts can be sleek and smooth or messy and flirty, depending on what you want. The great thing about this wig is that it requires very little styling so you can literally up and go in no time.

Also, the short length makes it perfect for the hot weather.

wig styles

(Photo: Instagram / Toke Makinwa)

Sassy Full Wave Wig

If you love hair with long, voluminous waves, this wig style is perfect. It gives you that glamorous, superstar look without trying too hard. You don’t want to make your hair for that date night? Wear a wig like this and we’re sure there’ll be a second date *wink*. 

You can lightly spritz it with some hairspray to make it shine.

wig styles

(Photo: Instagram/@powedeawujo)

Easy Ponytail Clip-On

This ponytail clip-on gives you a sleek up-do in seconds! You’ll literally go from yawn to yummy. All you need to do is simply pull your hair back into a folded ponytail and then clip on the wig.

Which of these wig styles will you try? If you love them all, you can always get them all!

And if you are on a budget, we’ve found 5 wig styles under 7k you’ll love.

(Featured Image: Instagram/tokemakinwa)



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