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Tropical-Themed Outfit

Not sure what kind of outfits to kick-start your regular program with? Well, our tropical-themed outfit inspirations will do all the work for you.

The idea for ‘Detty December’ was to go all out like no one’s business so we understand why it might feel weird to start off the year with conservative plains and neutrals. To get the year started officially on a gentle yet merry note, we suggest fabulously printed lightweight pieces that will ease your fashion transition. The tropical-themed outfit inspirations we are about to share will nudge you in the right direction. The holiday doesn’t have to stop so soon!

Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Tray_ciee)

Florals played a huge part in fashion in 2018 and we presume a comeback this year. Make a fresh start with colourful floral dresses with quirky silhouettes, co-ords in palm prints and kimono in bold hues. The styling options are limitless so the ball is totally in your court!

Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Bonang_m)

Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Thebeverlynaya)

Polka Dots
Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / The_real_chi)

The classic print finally got the recognition it deserves last year so you know there’s no going out of trend soon after that. Style your favourite polka dot piece with stripe pieces for some geometric goodness or opt for a jumpsuit or romper with cutouts and frills detail. You could also try out more flattering accents that suit your style.

Animal Prints
Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Fisayolonge)

Animal prints definitely had their moment in 2018 (a little more than a moment if you ask us.) Now that they are staples, you know there’s no going wrong in them. You can rework some of your favourite pieces from the previous year or get an update. From pants to tops and accessories, the lists of pieces you could update are endless.

Tribal Prints
Tropical-Themed Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Theladyvhodka)

If the other options seem a little subtle to you, you could continue your maximalist train with tribal prints with a full dose of colours. Make the pieces double and you’ll be on your way to running the show again this year.

As usual, you can share results with us by tagging @zuminigeria in your photos. For more fashionable pieces to start the year with, check out looks from Tubo Ready-To-Wear here!

Featured image via Thebeverlynaya, Bonang_m, Theladyvhodka



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