Would you rock this Louis Vuitton braids?


One aspiring designer and rapper, Magnus Juliano, has taken the signature design of the brand (Louis Vuitton) and turned it into something out of the ordinary; braid accessories. The 27-year-old graphic designer from Columbus, Ohio has used 3D printing to create the colourful look. And it’s not just about trendy hair accessories, he says, it’s about honouring African American roots.

Revealing the stylish LV monogram carefully crafted into his braids, Magnus posted the look on his Instagram, tagging Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection. He wrote: ‘Hey Virgil Abloh, can I earn an internship? I have ideas!’ The technicolour designs created by Magnus took a lot of time and effort as he spent six months 3D printing each design and putting it together.

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