19-Year-Old Girl Speaks On Being A Phone Filter Addict, Reveals How It Affected Her. Photos


A teenager has told how her addiction to beauty filters left her bed-bound, because she couldn’t bear to look at herself without one.

Maisie Hazelwood, 19, from Maidstone in England, found herself taking selfies more often than usual after downloading a filtering app in February last year.

The student began applying all sorts of ‘attractive’ filters to herself to adapt her pictures, however after eight months of using the app, it stopped working on her phone, meaning Maisie could no longer take edited photos.

The student hated seeing herself without a filter, and became too unhappy to look in the mirror or even leave her bed.

Maisie has since deleted the face-filtering app from her phone and is now learning to love her appearance again.

When Maisie downloaded the app last year, she started off by just taking the odd selfie to post on her social media feeds – but as time went on, her addiction to the app became dangerous.

In order to regain control over her life, and stop herself from being controlled by the filters in the app, Maisie deleted it and forced herself to just use the normal camera on her phone.

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