2-Year-Old Girl Brutalized By Mother Over Failure To Count. Photos


A girl of two years old was allegedly brutalized by her mother over her failure to count. It was gathered that the incident happened yesterday evening in Akure, Ondo state.

According to Tope Boyede, the little girl couldn’t count from number 1 to 100, which angered her mom.

The girl was beaten with a stick and injured in the process.

Tope Boyede who wants the mother to be dealt with by the authorities, shared the below update on Facebook.

This little girl of two and half years did not fall or hit by a motorcycle, but she was brutally beaten by her mother with orogun (stick for turning Amala or Gari) for not been able to count 1 to 200 ,this happened in my compound this evening,.

I didn’t do or send it online because of this, but it has been happening repeatedly and I can’t take it no more, Good people of Nigeria, help me to rebroadcast this until it get to an NGOs, I want this woman to be dealt with for treating her daughter like this for cry out loud, in case any NGOs want to get in touch with me for the arrest of this woman, this is my contact 07031312213.

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