83-Year-Old Man Claims His Juju Statuses Keep Robbers Away From His House. Photo


An old man appears to have finally found the perfect solution to stop the thugs who had been troubling his home for years.

The 83-year-old South African man identified as Sefako Kgadibe claims that his powerful statues keep him safe.

He said he lived alone and spent much money on buying charms for protection against thugs.

But now he has built six statues that are on guard around his yard and the problem is solved.

“I had sleepless nights with knocking at my door, but when I opened there was no one. I saw footprints and got charm but nothing helped,” he said. Then one night he had a dream and the ancestors told him to create statues.

“Since then I’ve had peace. I believe the statues chase the thugs away and nothing has been stolen from my yard.

“My statues are not just art, they are my companions. I’m also willing to build and sell to those who want protection,” he said.

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