‘A Woman Is Living Inside Me’ – Man Who Visited Native Doctor For Good Luck Charm. Photo


A man has revealed how his life went up in shambles after claiming to have been given a wrong charm when he visited a native doctor to turn his luck around.

The 31-year-old, Israel Seitisho from Eldorado Park, South of Joburg, South Africa, said he went to a native doctor to get charm for luck but was given the wrong kind.

He said for the past five years, he had been living in terror as he started feeling strange sensations in his body after taking the muthi.

“I stopped taking the charm, but since then things have not been going well for me,” he said.

Israel said he started losing jobs for no reason and everything in his life was going wrong.

He said when he visited another native doctor, he was told a woman called Moratimang was living inside him.

The native doctor said she didn’t want Israel to succeed or live a normal life.

“I want this Moratimang to leave me alone so my life can get back to normal.“I have sores on my bum and sometimes my right thigh feels like a bone has broken off and is moving up and down inside me,” he said.

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