Cheating Boyfriend Exposed On Social Media By His Ex-girlfriend.


A man has been exposed on social media by his furious ex-girlfriend, who claims it was the second time she has been cheated on in a year.

Jess Meakin, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, was sent a message by a woman who claimed her friend had slept with her boyfriend.

Jess took to social media to post a picture of her now ex-boyfriend on Twitter, vowing to ‘expose’ him for what he had done.

She also posted screen shots of the message she received from the woman, who opened by asking if she was still with her boyfriend.

After Jess confirmed that she was, the woman replied: ‘I’m really sorry to have to tell you this, but my flatmate in Newcastle went out Friday night. [She] no idea he had a girlfriend, he never said and she slept with him.

‘She’s just showed me a picture of [your boyfriend] from Doncaster and I said he had a girlfriend and showed her your guy’s [Instagram accounts].

‘She feels so bad as she had no idea and asked if I’d tell as she said you deserved to know and she’s really sorry. I really hate to be the one to tell you as I don’t know you’

Jess then appears to have tweeted a picture of her ex to go along with the messages, claiming that she had already been cheated on previously.

She said: ‘Cheated on twice in one year, mate what the f*** did I do wrong?’ later clarifying that the first time was with a different man. 

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