‘Cheating’ Wife Begs Court To Bar Husband From Her Place Of Work. Photos


A woman accused of cheating on her husband with a co-worker approached the court seeking a restraining order against him, barring him from her workplace, so she could carry on with her love affair.

 Privy Sazini Gumpo & Nkosilathi Hosani Privy Sazini Gumpo & Nkosilathi Hosani

The accused Nkosilathi Hosani, a police officer at Queenspark Police station in Zimbabwe, told the court that he was, in fact, the one who was being abused. This came after his wife, Privy Sazini Gumpo had accused him of abusing her leading her to seek a restraining order.

Hasoni responded to the abuse charges made by his wife, saying that his actions were only stimulated by her cheating antics which he confronted her over.

”It is not true that I am  physically abusing her but verbally. And on all all those incidents,she is the one who would have provoked me after confronting her over her behavior. Another issue is that she is refusing me to go her workplace because she has an affair with a workmate,” explained a heartbroken Hasoni.

Gumpo had made sensational accusations that her husband who she referred as her ex, was threatening to kill her and physically abused her.

” I am physically abused by Nkosilathi Hasoni who is my husband, He is threatening to kill me every time we have a misunderstanding,” said Gumpo.

In the presiding magistrates ruling Adelaide Mbeure, Gumpo was told that the court could not bar Hasoni from her workplace since it was a public space. Hasoni was also ordered not to emotionally, verbally and abuse his wife.

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