Checkout The Incredible Transformation Of A Plus-size Fast Food Addict.


A woman looks unrecognisable after dropping 13 stone by ditching her £50-per-day fast food addiction. Alysha McNair weighed more than 27 stone at her heaviest after her eating habits spiralled completely out of control.

Alysha McNair

The 21-year-old was consuming double the recommended daily intake for women – 2,000 calories – in just one sitting.

The result of Alysha’s massive overeating left her with a bulging waistline and a dress size XXXXL, which resulted in her being picked on by school bullies.

But Alysha, from British Columbia, Canada, decided to change her ways after realising she had just two options – change or die.

After documenting her dramatic weight loss diary online, Alysha joined her local gym and ditched the fast food.

She was eating up to five takeaways a day.

She is now learning how to become a qualified personal trainer after completing her transformation last year.

Alysha also revealed that her mother was worried she would die if she didn’t lose weight and was “over the moon” when Alysha’s diet changes started to pay off.

She said: “I’ve now lost 13 stone which is half of my body weight and I have never felt more amazing and I’m now a dress size 14.”

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