Father Of The Year! See The Creative Way A Man Devised To Put His Child To Sleep.


A father in China has come up with a creative way to sneak in a power nap while being put on daddy duties. 

The exhausted man, filmed lying on a bed with his infant son, drew a pair of fake eyes on his eyelids to make the child believe he was still awake.

The father even put on a recording of him singing a nursery rhyme to help put the baby to sleep. 

The baby, thinking he still has his father’s full attention, is also filmed dosing off comfortably as the adult takes a stealthy nap with tissue stuffed in his ears as earplugs. 

The humorous clip, believed to be filmed by the mother, is part of a compilation video released by Chinese news site K618.cn titled ‘Perfunctory ways of fathers taking care of their children’. 

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