Female Reporter Confronts Man Who Was Filming Her Bum On Live TV. Photos


A weathergirl was forced to confront a bystander in Argentina after her colleague noticed he was filming her from behind while she carried out a live broadcast.  Sol Perez, 25, was reporting for the TV programme ‘Gente Opinando’ when presenter Pollo Alvarez stopped the discussion to point out the behaviour of the man in the crowd.

In the footage, Perez is seen broadcasting from a coastal resort as Alvarez says: ‘We are not going to have this discussion now and we’ll let it go, but I did not like what he was doing.’

The weathergirl seems to understand who her colleague is referring to and immediately turns to confront the smirking man, asking: ‘Sir, what are you filming?’

Alvarez is heard saying: ‘Oh no! Look, she is confronting him.’

The man replies: ‘I am sending this to my workmates.’

Perez says: ‘Okay, but what were you recording? Because I had my back turned. The guys there (in the studio) saw that you were filming things that were not okay to be filmed.’

He responds: ‘And are you going to let me stand over there to film?’

The weather girl says: ‘No, if you are recording general footage from here okay, but if you are recording my bottom…’

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