Lady Deformed With ‘4 Breasts’ After Undergoing Boob Surgery. Photos


A 23-year-old woman was left distraught after a “failed” operation left her with malformed, “double bubble” boobs.

The graphic designer identified as Jacqueline Harvey saved for five years, before splashing out £4,500 on the op – boosting her bust from a 34C to DD.

However, after waking up and looking in the mirror, Jacqueline immediately regretted her decision.

She realised her implants had caused a second bulge under her breast bone – creating what looks like four “bubble” boobs.

The deformity occurs when the implants are placed lower than the breast tissue, and the natural crease line does not disappear – creating a ‘four breast’ appearance.

Now, five months later, embarrassed Jacqueline, from Brisbane in Australia, is trying to save enough funds to pay for corrective plastic surgery.

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