Man Chases Train After Leaving His Baby So He Could Smoke Cigarette.


A shocking CCTV footage shows how a dad left his baby alone in a train carriage so he could smoke a cigarette. The dad was filmed chasing the moving train after it pulled away and closed the doors as he was still standing outside.

He could be seen banging on the doors of the Rapid Transit train as it left Windermere Station in Cleveland, Ohio, last month.

FOX8 reported that a passenger alerted the train operator about the baby before it reached the next station.

The driver then reversed the train and returned to Wildermere station to reunite the baby with its father.

Fortunately, the baby was never in any danger, according to an RTA spokesman.

The dad was reportedly accused of “menacing” the female train operator, according to her police statement.

But the allegation was not backed up by a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) investigation, Cleveland 19 News reported.

CCTV footage from inside the train carriage shows the dad carrying the child in a baby basket onto the train. He sets the carrier down on a seat and tucks the baby before stepping out onto the platform to smoke a cigarette.

Another passenger then knocked on the window to alert him to the fact that the train was about to leave the station.

The doors slammed shut before he was able to make it inside and the dad was then seen running as quickly as he could to catch up.

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