Man Dies After Being Electrocuted While Charging Phone And Using Earphone. Photos


A man was killed after being electrocuted in bed as he charged his phone while listening to music.

Cops have issued a warning about the dangers of cheap chargers after Kritsada Supol was found dead with his Samsung plugged into a power point.

Kritsada, 24, appeared to have been listening to music or talking to someone, with the mic section of the earphones resting over his lips.

The property owner visited the room in Chonburi, Thailand, on Sunday and found the 24-year-old’s body on the mattress with signs of burning around his ears.

Police from the Phan Thong Provincial Police Station in Chonburi, Thailand, arrived and carried the dead body from the property.

Police Captain Jaleuk Polthong said police believe that Kritsada was electrocuted while using the earphones and charging his smartphone at the same time.

The captain said: ‘”We believe a short circuit caused his death while he was on the phone with someone or he was listening to music.’’

Officers blamed a poor quality charger for the death. Police Captain Polthong added: ‘”Many people could be in danger if they use cheap chargers which are not manufactured from the authorized company.

“It looks like the victim was electrocuted but the body will be sent for an autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death.”

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