Man Slaps Keke Driver For Assaulting Female Passenger In Lagos. Photos


A commercial tricyclist popularly known as Keke Napep driver – got more than he bargained after assaulting a female passenger in Lagos.

A man who witnessed the incident, highlighted from his car and came to the lady’s defence as he gave the Keke driver series of slap.

An Instagram user Kehinde Aderibigbe, who filmed the saga – narrated what happened. Read below;

What a shame! I wonder why these keke and danfo drivers think it’s okay to do this simply because some have no choice than to ride in their means of transportation. I’m honestly so gutted cz this is not the first time I’ve seen stuff like this happen.

The lady drops from his keke and an argument ensues, he pushes her on her forehead, and she retaliates. Then he starts fighting her. For crying out loud, she’s someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, probably someone’s mom! And he thinks it’s okay to do this cz she’s a woman and she won’t be able to defend herself.

Deep sigh!! I’m happy she tried defending herself and this good man who probably saw all that happened came to her rescue. God bless every good man out there who still respect women and will go any length to defend them. .

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