Meet The 22-Year-Old Obese Woman Who Gets Paid To Eat Via Webcam. Photos


A woman who was bullied so badly for her size growing up that she had to be home-schooled has made her huge appetite her meal ticket by charging fans to watch her eat on webcam. 

Kenna Blake, 22, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, said she was the butt of other children’s jokes growing up, with fellow pupils even making mocking videos about her weight.

But now she’s having the last laugh with so-called fat admirers paying her up to $10 (£7.53) a minute, on a Tumblr feederism site, to watch her eat junk food, while she’s in her underwear or naked.

Kenna found a post on feederism – a fetish eroticising eating and weight gain – while scrolling microblogging site Tumblr two years ago, and decided to start posting her own videos.

‘I’m making a success of myself by getting paid to eat pizza, which I’m pretty sure is most people’s dream job,’ she said.  

Kenna is paid from $1 (76p) a minute by viewers for a standard video of her eating anything from watermelon to tacos, and a minimum of $50 (£38.23) to see videos of her scoffing food in the nude. 

Her confidence at an all-time high, Kenna has vowed to continue working in the fetish market – expanding her fanbase.

Now, she hopes by speaking out she will encourage others with fuller figures to embrace the way they look.

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