Meet The Big-size Model Who Makes Money By Eating Online For Paying Users.


A webcam model who weighs 33 stone has told how she makes a fortune eating 10,000 calories a day in front of paying internet fans.

Amanda Faye, 25, is using her massive appetite to charge up to £76 for fetishists to watch her eat massive amounts of found, or drink soft drinks through a funnel.

She is doing it by tapping into a fetish known as feederism, which eroticises eating and weight gain.

Her pay-to-view videos often show the size-30 model jiggling her rolls of fat, or even going topless to fulfill requests from fans.

She said: “I do stuffing videos, where I eat massive amounts of food, funnel feeding videos, where I funnel down liquids through a tube and weight gain shake chug, where I down large amounts of liquid in little time, so my belly looks even more swollen.

“This is all as well as other fat fetish content, including fantasy talk or playing with my belly.”

She will typically do three of these kinds of video daily, often fulfilling a special request from a high-paying viewer.

The California woman says she gets “a tonne of hate on a daily basis” but has found a way to turn it into a positive.

For Amanda, the excess makes her feel happy – physically and sexually.

After managing to shed seven stone she realised she had only lost the weight to fit in with those around her and was more comfortable being big.

While she has endured the odd aggressive, demanding customer, the majority of Amanda’s fans are very respectful.

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