Meet The ‘Hustler’ Who Works A Guard In The Night And Nurse By Day. Photos


Pictured is a man who works as a nurse by day and also works as a security guard as soon as his hospital shift comes to a close.

The 30-year-old nurse identified as Geoffrey Wafula has successfully helped deliver 30 babies at the Margaret Kenyatta Mother Baby wing in the Nakuru Level 5 hospital. Kenya.

Pregnant mothers who have been served by the sought-after Wafula, provided glowing remarks about his services while speaking to the Nation.

“It’s as if he is the safe pair of hands to help expectant mothers to deliver safely. I was happy with the way he handled my first birth at the hospital. My labour pains lasted for many hours but after birth, but Wafula made sure the delivery was safe,” narrated Mary, a 24-year-old mother who gave birth to her second child at the hospital.

Wafula is set to graduate in June 2019 at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Nakuru, in order to qualify as a Kenya Registered Community Health nurse.

Unknown to most, the nurse attached at the New Born Unit attending to babies and their mothers works as a security guard at the end of his shift in order to cover his college fees.

He confessed that his former clients and resident doctors hardly ever notice that the guard frisking them and inspecting their items of luggage at the entrance to Tower One building in Nakuru, is actually the very same nurse who serves them by day.

The jovial nurse, however, attested that balancing between class and watchman duties is extremely tiresome.

Often forced to carry his books while on duty as a watchman in order to complete assignments, Wafula rarely enjoys a good nights rest.

It is a routine he has been keeping up with for the past three years and yet, despite all these challenges, Wafula has passed all his examinations and practical tests.

He passionately expressed that he was giving nursing his all, as he has an inherent desire to care for the sick. The hardworking Wafula has his sights on a nursing degree as soon as he graduates in June.

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