My boyfriend impregnates someone else & still claims to love me


Hi, I have issues in my relationship. I have been dating this guy for a year now and I discovered that he has another girl who is seven months pregnant for him.

For a while now I stopped communicating with him. It’s actually been two weeks and he is begging for a second chance trying to explain that he didn’t love the girl. I love him but I am confused about the whole situation. Help me.


Dear reader,

I’ll try and help you make sense of this in the best manner possible.

Your relationship has been on for a year and someone is seven months pregnant for him. It obviously shows that he was sleeping with this person behind your back. That’s cheating and of course, it is disrespectful.

Should you choose to continue this relationship, you should know that you will be doing so with that baby hanging over your relationship. You cannot wish the baby away and for the first 18 years of that baby’s life, at least, he is going to be firmly in the picture.

Also, there will be the worry of whether your man will go out and cheat on you again. I mean, if he has done it before, what is stopping him from doing it again? If he cheats and you take him back, there is a risk that he would see this as a hall pass. He could do it again with the belief that you would take him back again.

I have no doubt that you love him, but is that all you need to be with a man? I think not. If someone has chosen to not take responsibility of their feelings, if they are not willing to do what it takes to be with you, then the love you have for them should not count for much. Certainly not for a ‘mistake’ as serious as this.

Should you take him back? I leave that for you to decide – and I hope to the stars that you make the right one.


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