Newly Employed Female Teacher Faces Jail Time Over ‘Sex With Student’ In School Theatre.


A drama teacher is accused of having sex with a teenage student in the school’s little theatre – just a month after she started the job. Chelsie Leroy, 23, is accused of having sexual intercourse at least twice at Southwest High School, Barry County. She was employed for just 95 days.

Police in Missouri have been investigating the case and she has been charged with four felonies – which could carry a maximum of 22 years in prison.

The Springfield News-Leader reports the drama teacher in Barry County has been charged with statutory rape after allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old student in the high school’s “little theatre” room.

She was hired by the Southwest R-V school district in Washburn, just south of Cassville, in August 2018 and was only employed for 95 days.

Angela Cole, a detective with the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, interviewed the student from Southwest High School, the paper said

The teenager allegedly told the investigator he had sex with Leroy on two different days.

Leroy, from Washburn, is charged with four felonies. These include two counts of second-degree statutory rape and two counts of sexual contact with a student by a teacher.

It started with texts just weeks after the school year started, it is claimed. In mid-September, a week or so after the first text, the student and Leroy kissed.

The next week, they kissed again and that led to a sexual encounter September 20 in the “little theatre” room at the high school, according to court documents, said the paper.

It is claimed the student told investigators he had sexual intercourse a second time, a week later, in the same room.

Court documents referred to Leroy as a “substitute teacher with extra duties as a drama teacher.

If convicted, Leroy faces up to seven years in prison on each count of statutory rape and up to four years in prison on each count of sexual contact with a student by a teacher.

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