Nigerian Army Finally Reacts To Viral Video Of Cadets Assaulting Young Man.


The Nigerian army has reacted to a video which went viral last year showing army cadets brutalizing and torturing a young man. The young cadets assaulted a guy with some serious slaps after his clothes were removed.

Read the press statement below

1. I woke up this morning to explore the goings-on in the social media uncensored or unregulated world. Good as it is, yet, I met with one of the most hateful things in the eyes, ears and/or professional direction of the chief of Army Staff Lt Gen TY Buratai which is – flagrant violation of human rights especially by soldiers.

2. However, looking at the video closely and carefully, even without or before deliberate investigation is conducted, one can raise salient fundamental common sense observations with regards to the video especially on the 3 persons that are dressed in camouflage uniform. The observations are:

a. The persons in uniform, – all of them – completely – lack military bearing. None of them is fully dressed like present day Nigerian Army (NA) personnel. The camouflage is not the proper NA camouflage in use today. This can easily be compared and corroborated.

b. The style of their dressing and the dressing itself, – is at variance with the dressing pattern of contemporary NA soldiers – No name sign on the chest, desert boots on woodland camouflage?

c. Again, putting on belt on top of camouflage uniform has since been banned in NA dress code! Look at the black boot of one of the soldiers in the video – looking – too Civil!

d. The setting/the environment in which the atrocity, – the rights abuse was conducted is also suspicious. ‘Soldiers’ carrying a suspect into a private house not barracks?

e. And watching carefully from the victim to the perpetrators of the abuse, – the whole show, the drama appeared staged managed.

f. Ordinarily, how can soldiers of a national army abduct and brutalize in a manner as shown in the video a fellow country man or woman and record it only for public to watch? Of what gain is that to him or them as shown in the clip. In other words there is more to this evil machination.

3. Significantly, with the silent professional transformation going on in the NA and the professional temperament of the NA leadership at all levels of command, one will be doubtful of the conduct of these “fake soldiers’ as shown in the video recording.

4. NA will surely investigate and make its findings public. Anyone found culpable will be dealt with decisively and appropriately.

Acting Director Army Public Relations
21 February 2019

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