Nigerian Boy Horrified After Being Told By Sex Clinic That He Has One Testicle. Photos


There was complete confusion for viewers of E4’s The Sex Clinic this week, as a patient discovered he only had one testicle. The 21 year old Nigerian visited the clinic for a check-up, to be told by the doctor that they could only find one of his testicles.

He was told by the doctor: “I can only feel one testicle. Has that ever been investigated?”

Ayo however had absolutely no idea it seems, and replied: “I don’t think so. Should I be worried?”

He was then left wondering where the second one was before making a super bizarre decision.

Ayo phoned his mother in a bid to find out what had happened to his missing testicle, and whether she knew he only had one.

He asked: “Hello mum. The doctor told me that I’ve only got one testicle. Do you know why that is?”

But things took an even more confusing turn when his mother replied: “I think you just had one.”

Viewers couldn’t believe what they were witnessing, unable to comprehend how the 21 year old could not have known until now.

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