Photo Of 3 Exhausted Firefighters Goes Viral After Battling With Fire For 12 Hours.


A moving photo of three men utterly exhausted after helping fight bushfires in Australia has gone viral on social media. The image shows firefighters Jason Luck, John Kroczewski and Paul Catteral sitting in a helicopter covered in soot following 12 intense hours battling blazes in Tasmania’s Gell River.

Jason Luck, John Kroczewski and Paul Catteral

Up  to 20 fires are burning out of control across the Apple Isle, with more than 189,000 hectares already destroyed.

Hobart country rock band The Wolfe Brothers posted the picture of the trio of men on their Facebook page, labelling it ‘incredible’ before stating it ‘looks like they have been in a war zone’.

‘If you are unaware currently in Tasmania there is some seriously bad bush fires,’ the band wrote.

‘To all the firefighters, emergency services, police, paramedics and volunteers.. just know that plenty of people really appreciate you and can’t thank you enough for what you do.’

The picture of the men has been since been shared more than 21,000 people, with one Facebook user stating the firefighters are the ‘unsung heroes of this great nation.’


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