Pretty Lady Raises Alarm For Her Life After Rejecting Sexual Advances From Politicians And Pastors.


A young model has claimed that she is being harassed by prominent figures in society, who are pestering her for sexual favors and is now fearful for her life after turning them down.

Charlene Mahumani

The 23-year-old beauty identified as Charlene Mahumani from Zimbabwe, spoke to the local tabloid H-Metro and said that ever since she started doing commercial modelling, she has been receiving sexual requests from different men among them religious leaders, top businessmen and politicians.

” I have been living a private life until I started doing commercial advertising for a living. My aim will be to market different products that I will be showcasing, but it seems I am the one who is getting in the spotlight much more than the products” said Mahumani.

Contrary to the popular belief that women love excessive attention, the young lady claims that it is repulsive when the attention is coming from married men, who end up forcing her to be with her, which she said is scary.

” I am now scared that something bad might happen to me because most of those men are public figures, some of them are politicians while others are business people and some religious leaders. she said

Chalene furnished the publication with details of some of the incidents that she has encountered which are making her fearful. The model claimed that she is now being stalked by countless men and on one occasion a stalker parked outside her residence at midnight.

”At one time I refused to board his car and he went on to follow the taxi that I hired till I got to town. There are also others who just transfer money into my Ecocash account without my consent.”

The model who is currently single claimed that her social media inboxes were full of messages from her married suitors and threatened to expose them all.

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