Reveald! Why Lionel Messi Never Watches Barcelona Matches Back.


Lionel Messi never watches Barcelona matches back because he’s too self-critical. That’s according to Luis Suarez, who says he is exactly like the Argentine and would rather discuss moments from a match rather than re-live them.

Suarez has played alongside Messi since 2014, when he signed from Liverpool in a transfer worth £65million.

The Uruguayan spends a lot of his time outside the club with his team-mate, and has opened up on his habits.

Asked whether Messi will watch Barcelona matches in his spare time as a way to critique a performance, he told Sport: “No, but we talk about a lot of situations in matches.

“The good as much as the bad because we’re both self-criticial. There are days when the team wins and I feel frustrated because I didn’t perform well.

“And Leo knows I’m in an argumentative mood. The same way I know when he’s angry because he didn’t have a good performance.”


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