See How A Brazen Thief Stole Man’s iPhone From His Pocket While Buying Tea.


A pickpocket used an unusual technique to brazenly steal a man’s iPhone straight from his shirt pocket while he bought a cup of tea.

CCTV footage captured the shocking robbery at a drink stand in Churchgate station in Mumbai, India.  

A businessman can be seen ordering a hot drink and is handed back his change which he stuffs in his wallet.

As the man stands absentmindedly and waits for his order, a young man creeps up behind him.

The pickpocket stares straight ahead but uses a yellow plastic bag to shield his arm as he slowly reaches towards the businessman.

As the man walks away from the stand, the thief reaches over and slides an iPhone out of his pocket.

But due to the hustle and bustle of crowds around him, the man doesn’t appear to notice a thing and wanders off with his drink in his hand. 

The lucky pickpocket successfully steals the gadget and can be seen making a dash for it into the train station crowds. 

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