See the grandma,who’s always mistaken for her daughter’s sister


Becky Brown is a 45-year-old grandma, but not everyone can tell. She says she’s often mistaken as being her daughter’s sister, as she looks so youthful. Becky’s daughter is Scarlett Saunders, 22, who has a 20-month-old daughter called Arabella Ray. Scarlett and Becky are incredibly close and regularly share clothes, which likely doesn’t help with the confusion. If you look similar to someone and wear the same sort of clothes, it makes sense that people might think you’re siblings, right? That being said, Becky still sees being mistaken for Scarlett’s sister as a massive compliment. ‘People do say that Scarlett and I look alike,’ says Becky. ‘It’s very flattering.

‘People are shocked that we’re mum and daughter when we go out together. They say we look like sisters. ‘Me and Scarlett are very alike in a lot of ways. Not just looks but also our personalities. We’re very close. ‘She loves to raid my wardrobe. Even when she was little she would be in there putting on all my makeup and trying on clothes and shoes. When she got older she would just help herself. ‘We can still share now because we’re a similar size. It’s nice we can share and both have similar tastes.’ There’s no secret trick to Becky looking great at 45 – she says it’s all down to genetics. People are often shocked to find out that Becky is not just a mum, but a grandmother.

‘When I go out with Arabella people are shocked I’m her nan,’ says Becky. ‘It’s so nice for me. It’s really sweet. ‘People presume I’m her mum and when they hear her call me nan they come over to tell me I don’t look old enough.’

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