See The Moment Officer Was Nabbed While Helping Thugs To Brand Cars In Police Colour


This is the moment a police officer was apprehended while aiding some alleged thugs to paint a fake Police patrol vehicle for use by politicians in Saturday’s elections in Akwa Ibom state. The police inspector was reportedly arrested in Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, the state capital.

It was learnt that two of the vehicles, which was one of the types procured by the state government for the Command of the Nigeria Police Force, were brand new cars ostensibly bought for the purpose of aiding electoral fraud.

According to reports, the Police intercepted the thugs and the policeman at the hotel while they were branding the vehicles.

He said, “There was information that some men suspected to be political thugs working for a political party were branding the type of Volvo V70 which the state government donated to the Police.

“The rebranding was being done ahead of Saturday’s elections.“The vehicles already had the siren installed and the Police inscription also on it, as well as the identification numbers.

“When the Police got to the hotel, the suspects had already relocated one of the vehicles, while the second vehicle was being branded with the assistance of the Police Inspector.

“He (the Inspector) was taken to the Police Sstation and the vehicle was recovered.“The Police suspect was taken to the station for investigation and he has made useful statements.

“He mentioned some persons who engaged him in the services he was rendering.

“Investigation is ongoing. The Inspector is serving in one of the intelligence departments in the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.”

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