See What Happened After Sexy Cheerleaders Ran Past David Beckham During A Basketball Game.


David Beckham, took a front row seat in a basketball game between Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans at LA’s Staples Center, USA, and appeared to be unable to resist taking a look at a cheerleader during their routine.

The group of scantily-clad cheerleaders sported purple crop tops with matching hot pants and trainers.

After their performance, the 43-year-old retired footballer was seen seemingly glancing at a brunette cheerleader as she passed him, just inches away from his seat.

David was pictured alongside Liv Tyler’s fiancé Dave Gardner, who was seen engrossed in his phone.

The best pals looked like they had the time of their life at the game, with David laughing and sharing jokes with his pals before the Lakers 125 to 119 win. 

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