See What Happened After Woman Hired A Sexy Model To Test Her Boyfriend.


A girlfriend who was convinced her boyfriend was about to propose set a honeytrap to test him – and it appears to have backfired in the most spectacular way.

Appearing on the YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, the unnamed woman said her partner had been acting “strange” and wanted to get to the bottom of his distant behaviour.

The blonde woman – who claims to be the heir to Nestle’s Candy Shop –  said: “I saw his search history and there was a ring. “I think he’s acting strange because he’s going to propose to me.”

She added: “My family never really approved of him. I want to hopefully prove them wrong.”

After this meeting, the organisers of the supposed trap – who boast over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers – sent a model called Sofia to flirt with the unsuspecting man as he took a break in a café after work.

The worried girlfriend watched on as her man lets the model to sit down and then begins flirting and swapping Instagram accounts.

Much to her horror, the woman’s “cheating” boyfriend even has a short dance with the model. But the suspicious girlfriend is reassured when her partner tells the imposter that he’s in a relationship.

However, things took a dark twist when it emerges that the “girlfriend” he mentioned ISN’T the one watching.

The video – which has been viewed almost 250,000 times- then jumps forward to his “girlfriend” arriving at the café as the watching women watching behind-the-scenes shouts “Who is that?”

And just when this bizarre love triangle can’t seem to get any worse, it is then revealed that the pair have actually been dating for two years – and his “real” girlfriend claims she is pregnant.

Unsurprisingly, the suspicious girlfriend breaks down in tears as she realises her partner has been leading a double life and the video ends with her confronting him.

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